Chantel Hinton

Chantel Hinton


Senior Associate Brand Manager

Tyson Foods, Ball Park

CIS Wake Alumni In Motion

Chantel has in-depth experience managing brands in CPG. She spearheads marketing initiatives such as multi-channel campaigns, enhancing brand equity, and amplifying brand purpose. She previously worked at Reckitt where she launched several new products under the Lysol Laundry portfolio. Most recently, she developed Airborne’s first celebrity featured campaign during a critical season for the brand.

Chantel earned a BS (Bachelor of Science) in Business Administration from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from North Carolina State University.  As a CIS Wake alum, Chantel is passionate about paving the way for all students to be successful and reach their full potential.

“CIS Wake is my backbone, I still receive support as a full-time professional. Since entering the doors of the organization almost two decades ago; I have always known that I want to be a positive force in someone’s life and remain connected to this family.”


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