Delon B. Fletcher

Delon B. Fletcher

Lead Success Coach

Inspiring GREATNESS throughout his school and community, Delon Fletcher provides Integrated Student Support (ISS) as the Lead Middle School Success Coach. With his infectious ability to connect with stakeholders and curate relationships; Delon’s message of “I See Greatness In You” has been leveraged to empower students, families, educators, community partners and administrators alike.

Before joining CIS Wake, Delon served as an Executive Project Lead for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). As a member of the leadership team, he led Provider Hardship Outreach development and was responsible for building and implementing action plans to sustain operations for the impacted NC Medicaid Provider community. Prior to his tenure with DHHS, he was appointed to serve as the District Office Manager on behalf of Congressman Christopher Shays, serving the constituents of Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District.

Upon joining the CIS Wake team in 2016, Delon set a precedent for an approach to case management that would become the model of the current CIS Wake Success Coach Program.  Delon and his wife Kalihah have 2 children, Jacob and Ava.

Fun Fact:  Delon is an EXCELLENT home chef!  His love of delicious cuisine doesn’t stop there, name any restaurant and he can tell you the BEST thing to order on any menu both in Raleigh and 15 other US cities not to mention abroad.