Invest in Our Students: President’s Appeal

Since 2014, we’ve served 6,000 of Wake County’s 50,000 students labeled as economically disadvantaged, who graduate at a rate of 11.2% below the county average. But in the 2014-15 school year, 96% of our students moved on to the next grade level, and 100% of our seniors graduated.

This year, I want to periodically reinforce the mission, vision and the purpose of Communities In Schools of Wake County (CIS Wake) to Board Members and staff. As we prepare to make the case to the broader community to expand its support of our mission, it is important that we understand what we do.


The two core services offered by CIS Wake are academic case management and academic enrichment. Today, I want to provide you with a comprehensive look at the academic case management work that our Graduation Coaches do. I have provided links to two documents:


1. Click here to download a presentation describing what our coaches do; and,

2. Click here to read an article on the difference between Graduation Coaches and Guidance Counselors;

As you know at CIS Wake, we don’t believe in the at-risk label. All students, no matter their background, are at-promise. This means they possess limitless potential to do great things. However, not all of these students are being developed and nurtured to realize this potential.


While access to quality programs can play a role in helping at-promise students navigate through the barriers standing in their way, programs don’t change students, relationships do.


The videos below best capture what our Graduation Coaches do and just how they help students stay in school and achieve in life! These coaches had a tremendous impact on our students during their tenure with us. Our current coaches continue to build on their legacies.

Why It Matters



To continue our success, we’ll need the support of leaders like you who believe in the power of education and the power of positive relationships.

Help us tell our story.

Tell your family, freinds and co-workers about our mission today, by forwarding this e-mail with a quick note about your personal experiences with our work.

If they’d like to hear more, I’d love to meet with them in person. Thank you in advance for your support!

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