Smart Academy is Open

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On Sunday, May 19, 2013, we wrapped up our inaugural End of Grade (EOG) Camp. Over 170 students representing 64 schools in the Triangle participated in our five-week camp.

And now, we are happy to announce that through a generous grant from Duke Energy Progress, our SMART Academy can now offer year-long programs and services to students throughout Wake County.  SMART stands for “students maximizing academic resources through technology.” The SMART Academy offers the following programs:

  • SMART Summer and SMART Track-Out Camps;
  • SMART Beginning of Grade (BOG) and SMART
  • SMART End of Grade (EOG) Camps;
  • SMART Weekend School; and,
  • SMART Evening School (on-line tutorial support).

Our curriculum emphasizes:

1. Interactive Instruction (assessments and on-line data-driven instruction);
2. Differentiated Instruction (individualized and small groups); and,
3. Project-based learning (experiential learning).

(Click here to view a video about our interactive instruction powered by our partner Triumph Learning).

Our reliance on data to drive instruction allows us to create a learning environment where students “don’t just work harder, but SMARTER!”

The foundation of our SMART strategy is the SMART Weekend School, a 28 week program designed to strengthen students in grades 3-8 in math and language arts. Beginning September 13, 2013, SMART Weekend will meet on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for three hours each session for intensive instruction. Parents will choose one day per weekend for their student(s).

Duke Energy Progress

Thanks to Duke Energy Progress’ sponsorship, the first 100 parents who register for SMART Weekend School by Friday, June 7, 2013 will receive SMART Pricing (click here to download schedule and pricing sheet). It is our goal to provide ALL parents in Wake County with the tools that their students need at an affordable price.

We are parents, too.

We understand that any program that delivers results and offers a multitude of services under one roof — while helping parents save money — is a valuable resource.

We would like to become the resource that parents in Wake County value.

Here’s our lesson plan:

1. During SMART Summer or SMART Track-Out Camps (beginning in June) we will assess students’ math and reading levels to ensure that they are prepared for their upcoming grade level. Our educators will develop an individualized summer lesson plan for student based on grade level benchmarks and SMART growth goals.

2. During SMART BOG Camp in August we will let parents know how far their student has progressed in math and reading, while working with officials from Wake County Public School System to introduce them to Common Core Standards and grade level expectations.

3. In SMART Weekend School we will use 28 weeks of individualized, small group and interactive instruction to build student skills. We will use project-based experiments while exposing students to career paths and options. Each week, students will have three free hours of on-line or in-person tutoring to work on homework or skill development.

4. As SMART Weekend School ends, we will prepare students to excel on their EOG tests during our SMART EOG Camp.

We want to make this yearlong program available to all parents in Wake County.

Please consider this:

The average cost per hour of a tutor in the Triangle: $45
The average cost per hour of instruction in the SMART Weekend School: $15
The average cost per 3 hours every week of SMART Weekend School: $45

PLUS students (registered in the SMART Weekend School) receive:

  • FREE EOG Camp
  • FREE BOG Camp
  • FREE 3 hours of weekly on-line instruction; and,
  • Deep discounts on Summer Camp and Track-Out Camp!  

Registration in the SMART Weekend School gives parents access to our full menu of programs. Parents may visit to complete their registration or click below to register now.


If you’d like more information please click here to download a FAQ sheet or e-mail us with any questions or comments. Please don’t forget to share the news with parents.

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