Give Back to the Future

What Can you Give Back to the Future?
It’s the Power of an Hour

Give:  To transfer from one’s own possession to another.

Give Back:  To return or restore.

How do you give back to the future?

You can invest your time, talent, and treasure today in the future leaders of tomorrow.


In the time it takes to have lunch, you can help change a young person’s future for the better. It only takes a minute to share a hug and let a student know you care. It only takes 15 minutes to read a book or have a conversation asking about their day. It only takes 30 minutes to solve a homework problem and encourage a student to do their best. It only takes 60 minutes to demonstrate the power of an hour and positively impact a student’s life forever. There are numerous ways to give of your time, your talent, and your treasure.

In fact, you can act right now by ensuring that every student in Wake County is prepared for school. See how one NC State football player is giving back to the future.

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