Suzanne Gordon

Secretary, Board Development Committee Chair

SAS Institute (Retired)

Using my skills for working with people and facilitating in the non profit world.

Love working in the non profit world especially in education. If we can change the lives of young people early on giving them the motivation and skills to be productive citizens than we can change the world.

I was in IT most of my career and really enjoyed managing the people in IT. They are all very smart and just want to fix problems and make things work better. What I tried to do is facilitate that, by giving them the environment of trust that they need, by helping them work through company politics, by using their strengths and by provided them with the right tools for their job. I am now trying not to translate that to working with at risk young people by trusting them, believing in them and helping them get what they need to be successful in life. Communities in Schools is an excellent vehicle for just that.

Specialties: Working with people, facilitating, connecting people