Patti Gillenwater



Our mission is simple – to change the world by accelerating the progress of mission driven leaders and organizations. As CEO of Elinvar, I work with my partner and colleagues to provide integrated leadership solutions to our clients. We respect the needs of the individuals who are looking for their next career opportunity as well as the needs of the companies who are hiring new talent and/or developing their existing leaders. With the input of our clients, Elinvar has developed a team service approach and an alternative to contingency search that sets us apart in our industry and provides superior results for our clients and candidates. Our targeted client profile is virtually any company that is on a mission and impatient to fullfill it! We work with many different industries, non-profits and foundations. As advisors to the CEO’s of these entities we help them create immediate results for their organizations.

We have extensive experience as leaders serving on non-profit boards so combining this perspective with our in-depth search process and expertise in evaluating leadership skills, Elinvar works with search committees to make their job easier and help them leave the legacy they desire by hiring the right CEO to guide the organization they have so much passion for.

In 2008 we formed our Alliance Partner group and in 2009 we merged Elinvar with Workforce Chemistry – these strategic moves allowed us to expand our services so now we assist clients in developing thier current leaders in addition to helping them bring in outside leadership talent. We hold leadership retreats for our clients at our office located in the Caveness House on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, NC.

Specialties:I am celebrating my 25th anniversary at Elinvar! We specialize in finding and developing emerging and experienced leaders for mission driven organizations in the Triangle and beyond. Please visit our web-site at!

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